Kayla & Rudy – Moody Mountain Farm – Wolfeboro, NH

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of photographing Kayla & Rudy’s wedding, on the outskirts on Wolfeboro, NH. Their day started with a church ceremony in the morning, and then in the afternoon, guests from New Hampshire and Aroostook County, Maine, began congregating at the Moody Mountain Farm, located in the rolling hills outside Wolfeboro. The large barn had been decorated impeccably, and after the couple’s second ceremony, their guests cocktailed and enjoyed the beautiful property. Before dinner was scheduled to begin, a first happened for this photographer – The power went out at the venue! The coolest thing was what happened next – Being faced with the possibility that their wedding reception may not happen, the couple didn’t miss a beat. Guests began eating (There was still plenty of natural light coming in through the large barn doors) and the best man gave his toast. Almost an hour passed, with numerous guests, as well as myself, trying to make phone calls to contact someone that could help. It started to rain as we lost daylight fast. The best thing I noticed, during all this, was that Kayla and Rudy didn’t even seen to notice. They kept sharing kisses and smiles, and it their happiness was undeniable. They were married, and thrilled, and nothing could change that.

After about an hour of nail-biting, just as the light was nearly running out, the power came back on to a resounding applause. The music, lights (and photobooth!) fired back up, and nobody missed a beat. See for yourself below! Congratulations Rudy & Kayla!

About Peter Jensen Bissell

Commercial Photographer and aspiring brewer. Documenting interesting clients, Observations on Portland life, and marketing/biz ideas for photographers,
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