Elykssor’s 4-year Anniversary Event

Well, after months of planning, it finally happened. The concert went off with almost no hitches, and the four musical acts brought an incredible level of performance to Asylum’s stage. As rain pounded down outside, the crowd partied on inside, taking advantage of  sponsors Baxter Brewing Co.’s draught specials and Viral Technologies‘ Sunglasses, and setting the appropriate mood for the concert that kicked off around 9:30.

The full photobooth reel will be available within the week on Elykssor’s Facebook page, so be sure to like it so you’re notified. For now, here’s a smattering of the awesomeness that occurred on Saturday.


My Photobooth

Baxter CEO Luke Livingston making it Rain beer

Viral Technologies helped set the mood with free sunglasses for all event guests

The Photobooth went NONSTOP all night

Eric from The Other Bones during soundcheck

Joe Gallant kicked things off at 9:30

Boston film company Tenth Gate Productions documented the night

Rabid Elykssor Fans!

Mr. Boothby has his hands full!

RorGirl (L), Baxter’s sales superhero, and Eva (R), radio wonderwoman

The Other Bones getting into the groove

Man-about-town Joe Dunbar (C) with Lee Nelson and Cindy Williams from Channel 6

Joe Gallant (with a little help from his friends)

Elykssor founder and concert organizer Kyle Poissonnier, with his mom and sister

Spose with music scene Queen Holly Nunan


Dispatch Magazine’s Robbie Kanner with his adoring children

The Mallett Brothers Band shook the foundations.

Baxter CEO Luke Livingston got slightly starry-eyed at times

MBB bassist Nick Leen jumping around on that broken ankle

The Baxter Brewing Interns…watch out!

Spose with some of his adoring fans

The Other Bones


MBB drummer Brian Higgins (Animal)

Portland Music Power Couple Holly Nunan & Will Mallett

Garrett Davis in yet another photo

The Viral Technologies Crew

The Viral Technologies Crew

Luke Mallett having some fun

The Women of the Mallett Brothers Band (minus Rachel)

Everyone loved the Viral Technologies shades

About Peter Jensen Bissell

Commercial Photographer and aspiring brewer. Documenting interesting clients, Observations on Portland life, and marketing/biz ideas for photographers,
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