Aaron & David – The Wauwinet – Nantucket, MA

This past Memorial Day weekend, I found myself beginning my 2012 wedding season at an incredible location – The Wauwinet, located near the Northeastern point of Nantucket- with an equally incredible couple.

The inn was Aaron and David’s favorite place to step away from their busy work schedules in Boston and breathe easy on island time, so it was only natural that they had chosen the location for their marriage.

Tucked across the rolling marshes and tidal flats, away from the hustle and bustle of the town center, which was ringing with the celebrations of the holiday weekend, The Wauwinet offered a serene setting- the crashing of waves on the sandy shore, the faint clicking of bicycle gears and hum of moped engines in the distance, and a light, steady breeze that made the high sun comfortable and warm to bask in.

Aaron & David’s family and friends began to assemble on the beach patio as a harpist plucked away, and soon the two grooms appeared on the lawn, escorting their mothers down the boardwalk.

They recited their heartfelt vows to each other, which both had written personally, exchanged custom-designed rings, and were married by two of their sisters, who acted as co-officiants.

After two separate beach photo sessions, a lobster dinner began, champagne flowed, and the newlyweds were toasted by family members and old friends.

The sun began sinking low and everyone treated to a spectacular sunset on the Wauwinet’s front lawn.

The guys had certainly picked the right day of the long weekend to have their wedding – Sunday was absolutely GORGEOUS, while Monday morning was met with gray skies and rain showers. But they’ll both have plenty of time to work on their tans when they head to St. Maarten for their honeymoon this weekend!

Aaron & David, I wish you both the best in all your years to come!

About Peter Jensen Bissell

Commercial Photographer and aspiring brewer. Documenting interesting clients, Observations on Portland life, and marketing/biz ideas for photographers,
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10 Responses to Aaron & David – The Wauwinet – Nantucket, MA

  1. Sherri says:

    A beautiful job capturing the moments of such a special day!

  2. Patti Vaughn says:

    Gorgeous photos of a handsome couple! Love it!!! beautiful!

  3. Abdu Nessralla says:

    Peter, you did an amazing job capturing the beauty and love between Dave & Aaron and the love and support that surrounded them. Thank you for sharing;

  4. Kerry Houde says:

    Absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing! Love, love love the photos! So much emotion in them.

  5. Lisa Golden says:

    What a nice way to remember your special day. Best of luck to both of you. Love Lisa, Paul, and Ryan.

  6. Carla Strange says:

    Thank you for sharing. You can feel the love flowing in all the pictures. Congrats to the handsome couple!

  7. Raquel (how many do you know??) 8^) says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures! So happy for David and Aaron.

  8. I keep looking at these amazing photos again and again! I am so happy Dave & Aaron chose you to capture their special day! The last photo, with the sunset, is amazing.

  9. cortnie says:

    Great pictures Pete! You do amazing work, so glad you could capture all the love on Aaron and Dave’s beautiful day!

  10. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments and praise!
    Aaron and David’s photos came out so great because we clicked from the very beginning. They are the ideal clients for my business and when you have that connection, capturing beautiful photos is easy. I am so glad to have been a part of it.

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