Kaua’i – Blues and Greens

Last week in Hawai’i, on the island of Kaua’i, it was hard to focus on anything other than the water.

Water. In the swimming pool yes, but mainly in the ocean, which was EVERYWHERE. Thousands of miles of it, uninterrupted, in all directions.

As a Mainer, I’m used to the lake for a few months out of the year, and the ocean in bare skin for about 6 weeks, and after that just in wetsuits. In Hawai’i, the water is always inviting. An endless array of blues and greens, fresh and salty, calm and powerful.

Here is Kaua’i from a wet perspective. Pools, Pacific, Rivers, Waterfalls, and even a lawn sprinkler. Enjoy!

About Peter Jensen Bissell

Commercial Photographer and aspiring brewer. Documenting interesting clients, Observations on Portland life, and marketing/biz ideas for photographers,
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One Response to Kaua’i – Blues and Greens

  1. Will Wohler says:

    These are some great images! I like the variety of shots, all in one theme. Nicely layed out visually too. I visited Kaua’i several years ago and didn’t have a lot of time for image making. Definitely on my list to visit again.

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