Behind the Lens at the Thirsty Pig

I recently began a contract with The Thirsty Pig, an establishment in the Old Port that specializes in Maine beer and housemade artisan sausage.

In the talks leading up to the shoot, we determined that not only were the images produced to be used on the Pig’s new website, but also to be clearly displayed on the menus, sandwich boards out front, windows of the restaurant, etc to show immediately what type of food the restaurant serves – This will be important as the tourist season in Portland begins, when Exchange St. will be mobbed by throngs of people with a figuratively  limitless list of food options. The images will effectively speak – “HEY. WE SERVE SAUSAGE AND BEER HERE.”

Allison, the Pig’s owner, comes from a background in this state’s beer industry, which show in the Pig’s tap selection – All Maine-made, with one rotating guest tap from an out-of-state craft brewery.

The ambiance of the Thirsty Pig is great at night. It has a very distinct, genuine “pub” feel that reminded me of my time spent in England – you can order at the counter and then take your seat, and even though there is almost always the pleasurable buzz of activity, the large floor area gives you and your party the space to carry on your own conversations and have some privacy, if you so choose.

I’m looking forward to my future shoots at the pig – The summer should offer plenty of new material, both food wise (seasonal dishes) and venue-wise, as Allison has some cool plans for the back deck – a coveted thing for any Portland restaurant in the summer. Stay tuned! And in the meantime, check out some more stills below, as well as the behind-the-scenes video shot by my man Jason Bosch. 

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