Scrapbook from a Campaign – Shooting the Elykssor 4 Year Anniversary Concert Promo

Today, May 2nd, the concert for Elykssor‘s 4 year anniversary was officially announced. Leading up to this, I had a large role in the planning and promotion of the event, which included working with each of the 4 musical acts in the studio to obtain images for both web and physical promotional pieces.

I knew for the concert posters, I wanted to emulate the look of 50s & 60s boxing posters – The fighters on white, and lots of big, bold text.

<p>Beyond that, we also shot each artist through a piece of plexiglas sprayed with water – the effect, as you’ll see below, is very distinct. I loved how unique it was, and the bands all had a blast with it.

Below are some of my favorites from the sessions, as well as some of the material that was actually used in the campaign.

Be sure to check out my portfolio,, which is currently featuring different shots from these sessions.

Click here to get tickets for this show (benefiting the Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s Foundation), which will feature Spose, The Mallett Brothers Band, The Other Bones, and Joe Gallant.

Spose through the Plexi

Other Bones vocalist Loretta Allen

Luke Mallett

Wally from MBB

Spose Muggin'

Andrew Mead // The Other Bones

Joe Gallant

The Other Bones

The Bruce!

MBB's Nick Leen taking a time out

Trying to Fit...

Still Can't FIT!!


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2 Responses to Scrapbook from a Campaign – Shooting the Elykssor 4 Year Anniversary Concert Promo

  1. looks like a fun shoot

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