Travelogue – New York City

Photo Journal, New York City, March 30-April 1, 2012

Part 1: Streets & Eats

Joe on Train

The new WTC under construction

Abandoned Slice at Whiskey Town, LES

14th St & Union Square Station

Mexicue - Southern Smokehouse BBQ-inspired Street Mexican

Vanessa & Joe

Latin-style Brunch - French Toast that melted in your mouth

Brunch, LES

Lower Manhattan from Central Park

Still-breathing fish, Chinatown open-air market

Giant Lobster



Forsyth St // LES

Rockwood Music Hall


Joe at Rockwood

Part 2 – The Huffington Post

Ping Pong // Nap Capsule Room

Free RedBull dispensers!

Nap chambers

Part 3 – Rooftop, 85th & Lexington

Part 4 – Times Square Perspectives

Part 5- New York City Girls

About Peter Jensen Bissell

Commercial Photographer and aspiring brewer. Documenting interesting clients, Observations on Portland life, and marketing/biz ideas for photographers,
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One Response to Travelogue – New York City

  1. Haley Holden says:

    these are some of the best photos of nyc I’ve seen. Can we get copies of some of them to mat and frame? :)

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