Concept – Off The Wall

Last night, some friends and I headed out to do some photography experimenting with an idea I had no too long ago. Unfortunately, I was inspired by last week’s temperatures, which looked like this-

Instead, we were met with bone-chilling winds, and the first place we scouted (under a 295 overpass, on the water – smart choice on my end) was just too damn cold and windy. 

Instead, we found a plain white wall in the Old Port, which was slightly more secluded from the wind, and (quickly) set up shop.

The basis of what I wanted to explore was how perspective change can transform a photograph into something else altogether. I instructed my friends to run at the wall and push off, while trying to treat the wall as “the floor”. This was a tall order in the bone chilling cold, wearing only sweatshirts, but they obliged.

I set up with one strobe with a grid attachment about 15 feet from the wall. The idea was to make the lighting resemble a single light bulb hanging from a ceiling, after the images were rotated. I quickly saw that the images I was capturing, when rotated, resembled some bizarre anti-gravity environment. Some of them also looked like skilled breakdancers  (which alas, my friends were not) captured mid-move. The perspective change was all that did it.

We saw this-

become THIS-

Another original image-

With a little tweaking (and a second attempt), looked like THIS-

The images seen below are some of my favorites, ending with the two finished pieces. Good, simple examples of how powerful perspective change can be.

About Peter Jensen Bissell

Commercial Photographer and aspiring brewer. Documenting interesting clients, Observations on Portland life, and marketing/biz ideas for photographers,
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