Baxter Brewing Co.

Yesterday, Kyle Poissonnier, Jason Bosch and I headed up to  Baxter Brewing Co.’s headquarters in Lewiston. The task at hand was the film B-roll footage for the upcoming ElykssorTV episode that will feature Kyle’s interview with Baxter CEO Luke Livingston.

Baxter Brewing Co. Beer is Maine’s first all-canned craft beer line. The idea, which first began on the West Coast, is much less prevalent in the East, and was unheard of in Maine until Luke filled that hole in the market.

Canned beer can obviously do things bottled beer can’t – like go to swimming pools, parks, and beaches with no-glass policies. But besides that, the product is top-notch as well. My favorite is the incredibly hoppy Stowaway IPA on draft, and from the can I prefer the Pamola Xtra Pale Ale.

You can find Baxter on draft at an ever-increasing number of bars and restaurants in the Portland area, but if you’ve never had it before, I would recommend picking up a 6-pack and experience drinking locally-brewed craft beer, out of a can. It’s something else! To find it in both establishment and retail locations, use this handy can finder on their website.

The photos-

Empty Stowaway IPA cans ready for filling

The Wonder of It All

Where the magic happens

Filming in the Brewing Room

8mm Fisheye on Canon 5DMK2

More fisheye - Canning and Brew Room


Looking into the brewery from the tasting room/gift shop

Can storehouse!

Luke Livingstone #1

Luke Livingston #2

Beer soaps in the tasting room

Jason taking flight


We stocked up while we were there!

Thank you Luke!

Thank you again to Luke and retail/social media coordinator Chris Cavallari for letting us hang out in the brewery and shoot the breeze!

Look for Luke’s interview with Kyle in the next few weeks. Cheers!

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  1. The fish eye photos make me feel like I’m in a Beastie Boys video. Love them!

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